About Us

For years Lakzya founders, Natalie Eilemberg, Anna Shirazi and Valerie Schwarzkopf talked about having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Each of us had “invested” in designer dresses and accessories, and after being photographeed in one particular gown, we couldn’t imagine wearing it again.

The Company

We felt a need in the market to provide a solution for women like us who are constantly pressured to dress in style, wear designer fashion and yet never been seen in a repeat outfit. Lakzya caters to this problem by providing a highly curated selection of designer cocktail dresses, gowns, coats and accessories, for rent. Timeless fashion including current and past seasons are available at Lakzya.

In addition, you have the unique opportunity to engage with fashion at the highest level for a fraction of the cost. Style is always evolving and we are always on the hunt for what’s hot and what’s next. We’re all about creating a sustainable fashion industry.